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1-Singular Perturbation Method for Robust Control of Nonlinear Systems

H. B. Mogaver, A. Zare, M. R. Tanhatalab

2-Adaptive Sliding Mode Control Design for a Class of Nonlinear Systems with Unknown Dead Zone of Unknown Bounds

I. F. Jasim, N. F. Jasim

3-Motion Control of a Population of Artemias

L. Fortuna, M. Frasca, M.G. Xibilia, A. A. Ali, M. T. Rashid

4-A New Anticipatory Speed-Controller for IC Engines Based on Torque Sensing Loop

A. Kh. Ali, I. A. kheioon, M. K. Ali

5-Soft Computing Control System of an Unmanned Airship

W. W. Kitt, A. Chekima, J. A. Dhargam, F. Wong, T. A..Tabet

6-Hard Constraints Explicit Model Predictive Control of an Inverted Pendulum

H. A. Mohamed, M. Askari, M. Moghavvemi

7-A Robust Practical Generalized Predictive Control for BoilerSuper Heater Temperature Control

Z. M. Mohialdeen

8-Parameter Identification of a PMSG Using a PSO Algorithm Based on Experimental Tests

A. J. Mahdi, W. H. Tang, Q. H. Wu

9-A Combined 2-Dimensional Fuzzy Regression Model to Study Effect of Climate Change on The Electrical Peak Load

H. Shakouri, H. Zaman

10-Damping of Power Systems Oscillations by Using Genetic Algorithm-Based Optimal Controller

A. F. Bati

11-A Study of the Optimal Allocation of Shunt Capacitor Based on Modified Loss Sensitivity Algorithm

W. S. Warid, E. A. Mohs

12-Network Reconfiguration Using PSAT for Loss Reduction in Distribution Systems

E. J. Abdul Zehra, M. Moghavvemi, M. M. Hashim, K. Muttaqi

13-Transient Stability Assessment Using Artificial Neural Network Considering Fault Location

P. K. Olulope, K. A. .Folly, S. Chowdhury, S. P. Chowdhury

14-Applying Fuzzy set method for solving mechanical engineering problems (Determining residual service life)

W. M. Al-waely, M. M. Khalil

15-ANFIS Modelling of Flexible Plate Structure

A. A. Al-Khafaji, I. Z. Darus, M. F. Jamid

16-A Framework for Sensor Fusing Using Fuzzy Logic for Navigation Systems

W. W. Kitt, A. Chekima, J. A. Dhargam, F. Wong, T. A.Tabet

17-Proposed Method for Optimizing Fuzzy Linear Programming Problems by Using Two-Phase Technique

Z. S. Towfik, S. F. Jawad

18-Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference Controller for Full Vehicle Nonlinear Active Suspension Systems

A. Aldair, W. J. Wang

19-A Study on The Effect of UWB Interference on Downlink UMTS System

M. A. Al-Adwany, A. B. Ali, E. H. Najim, A. M. Younis

20-Speed Control of Induction Motor Using New Sliding Mode Control Technique

A. H. Ahmed, M. O. Ajangnay, Sh. A. Mohamed, M. W. Dunnigan

21-A New Technique for Position Control of Induction Motor Using Adaptive Inverse Control

A. H. Ahmed, M. O. Ajangnay, Sh. A. Mohamed, M. W. Dunnigan

22-Design and Implementation of Fuzzy Logic system for DC Motor Speed Control

M. M. Shaker, Y. M. Al-khashab

23-Direct Torque Control System for a Three Phase Induction Motor with Fuzzy Logic Based Speed Controller

T. Y. Abdalla, H. A. Hairik, A. M. Dakhil

24-LabVIEW FPGA Implementation of a PID Controller for D.C. Motor Speed Control

F. H. Ali, M. M. Hussein, S. M. Ismael

25-Stable Robust Adaptive Control of Induction Motors with Unknown Parameters

I. F. Jasim

26-Fuzzy-Neural Control of Hot-Rolling Mill

Kh. Mohamad, A. A. Ali, R. Nagrajan

27-A k-Nearest Neighbor Based Algorithm for Human Arm Movements Recognition Using EMG Signals

M. Z. Al-Faiz, A. A. Ali, A. H. Miry

28-Expert System Design of Beam Spot Size Measurements in FIB System

F. A. Ali

29-European Rail Traffic Management System An Overview

S. K. Abed

30-Analysis of The Determinism of Time-Series Extracted from Social and Biological Systems

L. Fortuna, M. Frasca, V. L. Gambuzza, S. F. Angelo, R. S. Ali, M. T. Rashid

31-New Replica Selection Technique for Binding Replica Sites in Data Grids

R. M. Almuttairi, R. Wankar, A. Negi, C. R. Rao, M. S. Almahna